Evil Eye Ring


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  • Evil Eye Ring is handmade jewellery with the Macrame technique
  • Brass eye with enamel
  • Designed and manufactured in Greece by Irene Hussein
  • Does not get damaged by water
  • Can be worn at sea
  • Does not lose its color over time
  • It has an adjustable clasp to fit all fingers
  • You can try it in our stores in Athens and Kifisia 

Introducing the captivating Evil Eye Ring, an enigmatic symbol of protection and spiritual significance. Crafted with meticulous detail, this ring carries a rich history of warding off negative energies and promoting positive vibes. Furthermore, its intricate design adds an element of intrigue to any ensemble, seamlessly complementing your style with versatile elegance.

Embrace the mystique of this ring, adorned with the iconic symbol believed to deflect malevolent glares and safeguard the wearer from harm. Additionally, wear it as a bold statement piece, allowing its presence to command attention and spark conversation. Alternatively, subtly incorporate it into your everyday attire for a touch of mystique and sophistication.

Let the Evil Eye Ring serve as more than just an accessory; let it be a reminder of the interconnectedness of cultures and beliefs. Honor the tradition behind this powerful symbol and embrace the protective aura it exudes. Moreover, invite positivity and spiritual awareness into your life with every wear, infusing your day with confidence and security.

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