Lemonade Bracelet



  • Lemonade Bracelet is handmade jewellery with the Macrame technique
  • With wax thread
  • Does not get damaged by water
  • Can be worn at sea
  • Does not lose its colour over time
  • It has an adjustable clasp to fit all hands
  • Designed and manufactured in Greece by Irene Hussein
  • You can try it in our stores in Athens and Kifisia

The Lemonade Bracelet bursts with vibrant hues meticulously strung together, infusing your style with freshness and zest. Additionally, each bead, carefully selected and arranged, exudes meticulous craftsmanship. Moreover, whether worn solo or stacked with other bracelets, it effortlessly elevates your look with its lively charm. Furthermore, constructed from high-quality materials, including durable beads and a sturdy clasp, it ensures longevity and resilience to daily wear. Furthermore, the bracelet isn’t just an accessory; it’s a mood-booster, capable of bringing joy and optimism to any occasion. Perfectly suited for brightening up your day or adding a playful touch to your outfit, it seamlessly transitions from casual brunches to chic evenings out. With its sunny disposition and lively vibe, the Lemonade Bracelet is a must-have for those who love to embrace life’s zestiest moments. So go ahead, indulge in a little lemonade and let your style shine with this delightful accessory that promises to make a statement wherever you go.

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