Love Mug




  • The Love Mug is handmade ceramic
  •  Handpainted and handcrafted
  • It was designed and manufactured in Greece by Irene Hussein
  • Dishwasher and microwave
  • Dimensions: 500ml
  • You can find it in our stores in Athens  and  Kifissia 

Introducing the Love Mug—a ceramic masterpiece, meticulously handcrafted and hand-painted, designed to hold 500ml of your favorite beverage. Crafted with care, this mug embodies the artistry of handcrafting, making each piece unique. The ceramic material ensures durability and a comforting feel as you cradle the mug in your hands.

The hand-painted details add a personal touch to every Love Mug, creating a charming and one-of-a-kind aesthetic. The intricate design reflects the dedication and skill of the artisan, turning a simple mug into a work of art.

With a generous 500ml capacity,is not just a vessel for your beverages but a statement piece that enhances your drinking experience. The carefully chosen materials and handcrafted nature ensure that each sip is accompanied by a touch of warmth and craftsmanship.

For your convenience,is dishwasher and microwave safe, allowing for easy cleaning and versatility in heating your favorite drinks. Whether you’re enjoying your morning coffee, a soothing tea, or any other beverage,adds an extra layer of joy to your daily ritual. Elevate your drinkware collection with this handcrafted ceramic gem—a mug that encapsulates love, artistry, and functionality in every sip.