White Amina Bracelet



  • White Amina Bracelet is handmade jewellery with the Macrame technique
  • With  wax thread,eye 24k gold plated silver and howlite
  • Does not get damaged by water
  • Can be worn at sea
  • Does not lose its colour over time
  • It has an adjustable clasp to fit all hands
  • Designed and manufactured in Greece by Irene Hussein
  • You can try it in our stores in Athens and Kifisia

The White Amina Bracelet , a true masterpiece of craftsmanship, seamlessly marries the lustrous appeal of sterling silver with the mesmerizing charm of Howlite stones. As a result, it exudes an unmistakable aura of timeless elegance and sophistication that transcends the realm of mere accessorizing.

When you grace your wrist with the Amina Bracelet, it’s not just about embellishing your look; it’s a bold statement of your impeccable taste and an unwavering appreciation for enduring beauty. The marbled appearance of the Howlite stones imparts a unique and captivating allure, making this bracelet remarkably versatile for a wide range of occasions. Whether you’re attending a casual social gathering or a formal soirée, this bracelet effortlessly complements your style.

However, this bracelet is more than just a beautiful adornment; it’s a catalyst for engaging conversations. It signifies your deep-rooted commitment to timeless elegance and holds a special place in your jewelry collection. So, don’t let this golden opportunity slip through your fingers. Elevate your style with the Amina Bracelet, allowing its timeless beauty to harmonize with your unique personality. Make it a central piece in your collection and proudly display it at every event and gathering, showcasing your unwavering appreciation for enduring sophistication.